24 Hour Nature's Pantry Comfort Kit Emergency Food Supply

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 Disaster Preparedness includes building your emergency food supply and ensuring your survival. Stocking long term foods with exceptional shelf life is key. For the Celiac this can be problematic. But with Nature's Pantry Foods meals are 100% Gluten Free. Meals and Soups contain: No Soy, Additives, GMO, Nuts or Tree Nuts , Shellfish and most are Dairy Free. Natures Pantry Foods packages are complete, premium food kits, made in the USA with a 25-year shelf life. Peace of mind means knowing your pantry is stocked with wholesome foods every family member will enjoy.

This kit provides a hearty emergency food supply for four persons, for 24 hours.  Easy to cook, delicious meals together in an all-in-one kit.

Keep this in your emergency gear, take it hiking or camping, or pair it with other Natures Pantry Foods gluten free choices like our Italian 24 Hour Emergency Food Supply for that feeling of security.

Package contains :

(Stone ground corn grits, freeze dried peaches, nonfat powdered milk, brown sugar, and vanilla). Protein 4g.  Carbs 33g.  Sodium 45mg.  Based on 3/4 cup dry mix. 
Contains: Dairy 

(Non-GMO corn and rice flour (pasta), dried natural chicken meat and powder, potatoes, onions, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, green beans, green peas, parsley, garlic, butter powder, and spices).  Protein 15g.  Carbs 10g. Sodium 105mg. 

(Non- GMO corn/ rice pasta) , natural beef powder, tomato powder, celery flakes, onion flakes, and spices). Protein 11g.   Carbs 65g.  Sodium 110mg.  Based on a 1/2 cup dry mix.


As a bonus you receive

  • Freeze dried Blueberries
  • Salt & Pepper Packets

*Our products are soy free, MSG free, and GMO free, packed in zippered Mylar pouches for ease of use. These kits are shelf stable through the use of Mylar bags with the addition of oxygen absorbers to ensure freshness.

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