With our step-by-step outdoor survival course, you'll learn basic skills to more advanced wilderness skills. From building fires to sheltering against disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes - we cover it all!

In this Bushcraft & Survival Skills Weekend hosted by David Canterbury, there will be a focus on teaching those who have never been outside before how they can survive when faced with an emergency situation outdoors. The goal is for each attendee to gain knowledge for survival in situations that can not be avoided!


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Interested in a life-changing challenge?

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Weekend with Dave Canterbury

Date: October 7-9, 2022
Location: The German Bridge Campgrounds
Cost: $275 per person, $50 per non-camping guests

Registration fee INCLUDES onsite camping & RV hookups! First Come, First Serve.
Bring enough food & water for the entire weekend.

Friday & Saturday
Round Robin/1.5 Hrs per class
- Building a Survival Kit
- Self Aid basics and Emergency FAK
- Camp and Survival Knots (Rope Corral)
- Emergency Shelters
- Kit Fire Resources and fire lays
- Collecting and disinfecting ground water
- Basic compass and Walking a Straight line
- Mock Compass Course (5 points)
- Travel Logs and finding your way back
- Signaling for Rescue with Kit Items

- Tree identification
- Edible plants

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Need To Know Before You Arrive

Camp Rules & Registration Information

The Bushcraft & Survival Skills Weekend is an experience that should be enjoyed by you and everyone else attending. To make sure you have a good time please follow any existing German Bridge Campground rules along the way. Thank you!

  • CHECK-IN from 8AM-5PM on Thursday, October 6th.
  • Registration fee INCLUDES onsite camping & RV hookups. First Come, First Serve.
  • All attendees MUST REGISTER and sign a liability waiver at the the Aftershock/Nature's Pantry store.
  • All attendees will be required to sign a liability waiver.
  • There will be a $50.00 fee for ALL non-registered guests who are not attending the camp. This will cover the dinners & continental breakfasts.
  • Please clean your area before you leave.

The Aftershock/Nature's Pantry Foods store is located at 23 Cemetery Loop Rd., Allen, KY 41601


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