24 Hour Southwest Emergency Food Kit

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Aftershock Preparedness realizes comfort and flavor in long term storage foods is important. Enjoy our great selection of Southwest survival foods for everyone to enjoy. Stocking a pantry and making great tasting foods in a disaster will give you a peace of mind your family is prepared for anything. Just add water and cook 15 minutes. Made with real meat and hearty ingredients. 26 heart one cup servings.

Kit contains:

Southwest Beef and Barley Stew

( Barley, long grain rice, beef powder, tomato powder, dried potatoes, celery, carrots, parsley, sweet corn, peas, garlic, chili powder, crushed red peppers and spices).  Protein 25g.  Carbs 52 g.  Sodium 150 mg.   Based on 1/2 cup dry mix. 

Southwest Chili

( Pinto, black, red and navy beans, natural beef powder, tomato powder, dehydrated potatoes, celery, carrots, parsley,onions, red and green bell peppers, sea salt, garlic, cumin and spices).  Protein 35g.  Carbs 48 g.   Sodium 160 mg.   Based on 1/2 cup dry mix.

Mexican Style Casserole 

( Wheat pasta, beef powder, tomato powder, onions, celery, parsley, carrots and spices).  Protein 15 g.  Carbs  7 g.   Sodium 50 g.  Based on 1/2 cup servings. 


Salt n Pepper packages

Fruit Drink Mix 

Freeze Dried Blueberries 

25 Year Shelf Life

Serving size once prepared 2 cups

Feeds a family of 4

* Total Calories : 6450 ( Calories do not include bonus items)

( Based on 2000 calorie diet. Fruit drink mix calories are not included in total calorie, only meals and soups)

* Soy Free

* GMO Free

* MSG Free

* Shelf Stable

* No Additives, Preservatives or Food Coloring

* Low in Sodium

* Transfat Free

* Mylar Bags

* Oxygen Absorbers

* Made in USA