COVID 19... My Take

As we all prepare to stay home and avoid crowds, the grocery store becomes a looming dark and scary place. 

We think about what we need before we go... it may or may not be available.

We think about the hand sanitizer we have stashed under the seat, and wonder if it even does any good...

We worry that this simple trip for necessities might be the one that gets US sick...

Sometimes we even wonder if any of this is real... is America REALLY SHUTTING DOWN???  and that brings up a whole new set of worries...

It's important to stop this cycle of fear... I'm not telling you to stop preparing. I telling you that the fear is crippling.  We need to know our families are going to eat... and for goodness sakes they NEED toilet paper.

The best we can do in these times is stay in as much as possible, and care for those who need us.  Make use of the small businesses that will deliver things to you... you deserve a break from all that running around anyway! Take a little "me" time, a long hot bath, paint your nails or grow in that beard you've always wanted (yes... we know... everyone has beards already) Work on you, on your house (if that won't make matters worse) Spend some time with a good book or a GREAT MOVIE (I'll keep my suggestions to myself).

I know these times a trying... I have a 3yr old and one of my friends is VERY pregnant... we all had too many plates spinning at once before this... don't let fear dictate how you move forward. Find ways to connect with yourself, your family... and really it's time grandma learned how to video chat anyway!

Hugs, Stay Safe


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