28 pc Universal Aluminum Case Gun Cleaning Kit

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Every part that went into the gun cleaning kit was made to exact specifications.

This means that every piece that is designed for your gun will fit properly and clean properly when inserted into your guns, rifles, and shotguns.

All accessories easily attach to one another for quick change from cotton to brass.

Handles are made of hardened plastic that will give you a secure and sturdy grip when cleaning the inside of your gun.

Cloths are made of soft cotton that will collect and remove debris from inside your gun.

The wire brushes help remove any stuck debris that needs scrubbing.
General Usage
Keep your firearms clean and in high performance by using the gun cleaning kit. Utilize our several cleaning brushes and cleaning mops to keep your guns as clean as a whistle. With so many brushes and mops, nearly every gun is covered with this kit. Long attachable rods allow you to go deep within almost all lengths of barrels.
- Cleaning Kits for 9mm/.38/.357 Cal Bore
- Includes: Carry Handle, Base Rod, Extension Rod, Cotton Brush, Brass Brush, Bristle Brush, Cleaning Wipe Tip
- Easy to Carry - Store all parts on the carry handle
- Suited for Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol(Handgun), Airgun

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