72 Hour Emergency Kit

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Aftershock Preparedness 72 Hour Kit feeds a family of 4 , three meals a day. Total of 82 one cup meals once prepared. Along with our add on bonus items to make the kit complete.

Sealed in heavy zippered mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. 

Easy to cook , delicious meals for long term food storage. Great for camping or everyday use. 

Kit Includes:

Apple Cinnamon Grits

Chocolate Creamy Wheat Cereal

Mixed Berry Oatmeal 

Chili Mac Dinner

Southwest Goulash

Taco Rice Dinner

Beef and Barely Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Harvest Chicken Rice Soup

 Bonus Add On :
Dehydrated Banana Pieces

Freeze Dried Coffee

Fruit Drink Mix

Sugar Packages

Salt N Pepper Packages


25 Year Shelf Life

Feeds a family of 4

Total cups prepared: 82

Total Calories:

* Soy Free 

* MSG Free

* Gmo Free

* Shelf Stable

* Lower in Sodium 

* Mylar Bags 

* Oxygen Absorbers 

* Made in USA