4 Week Premium Emergency Food Kit

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780 Servings

  • $1.28 per cup once prepared with water.
  • Best Variety in our industry. 
  • Stocking up for a disaster or long term for SHTF be prepared with Aftershock Preparedness 1 Month Emergency Food Kit. Kit feeds a family of 4 easily. Three hearty, healthy and delicious meals a day. Premium ingredients are used in our mixes. Made with real meat,  no soy  and sealed in zippered mylar bags. We make this kit complete with additional veggies, fruit, drinks, and condiments. The variety we have is far better than any other kit on the market. Your not eating the same thing every day so you can offer your family comfort food in a disaster. 110 family sized packages included in kit. Kit ships in boxes. 

1 Month Emergency Food Kit Includes :

Breakfast: Average package makes 8 cups prepared . 25 Year Shelf Life

Apple Cinnamon Grits

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Blueberry Oatmeal (2 packages)

Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Chocolate Cream of Wheat

Peach Conbler Grits (2 pkgs)

9 Grain Cereal Mix

Maple Wheat Cereal

Mixed Berry Oatmeal

Peaches N Cream Oatmeal

Raspberry Oatmeal

Strawberries N Cream Oatmeal

Creamy Wheat Cereal ( 6 packages)

Instant Oatmeal ( 6 packages) 

Meals: Make 8 Cups Each, 25 Year Shelf Life

Beef Potato Stroganoff 

BBQ Chicken N Rice 

BBQ Smoked Beans ( 2 packages)

Caribbean Rice and Beans

Cajun Dirty Rice 

Cajun Rice N Beans 

Caribbean Rice

Chili Mac

Chipotle Rice Dinner 

Country Potato Bake (2 packages)

Green Beans N Sausage

Green Chili Meal
Korean BBQ Rice

Italian Pasta Marina (2)

Mexician Style Casserole (2)

Potato Casserole

Santa Fe Rice Dinner

Sloppy Joe Meal 

Spanish Rice N Beans 

Southwest Goulash

Southwest Hashbrowns 

Taco Rice Skillet 

Texas Bean Bake

Wild Rice Dinner

Soups: Make 10 cups each, 25 Year Shelf Life.

Beef N Barley Soup

Black Bean Taco Soup 

Cajun Bean Stew

Cajun Pastalya Soup 

Chicken Noodle Soup

Creole Stew

Cowboy Soup ( 2 packages)

Chuckwagon Stew ( 2 packages)

French Lentil ( 2 packages)

Goulash Soup

Harvest Chicken N Rice Soup ( 2 packages)

Hearty Chicken Chili

Hearty Turkey Stew (2)

Hearty Veggie Soup ( 2 packages)

Italian Bean Soup ( 2 packages)

Santa Fe Chicken Stew (2 packages)

Southwest Barley Stew

Southwest Beef N Bean

Southwest Chili (2)

Southwest Chicken Stew ( 2 packages)

Vegtable Beef Stew


2 packages of each: Diced banana and apples.  ( each package contains 3 cups)


1 Package Vegetable  Blend ( package contains 3 cups)

1 Package Instant Potatoes (  complete, 9 cups dry )

Drink Mixes:

Nonfat Instant Milk 3 packages (3 cups each)

Fruit Drink Mix

Sugar Packages

Salt N Pepper Packages

1 Package Seasoning Salt

25 Year Shelf Life

Total Calories:

* Soy Free 

* MSG Free 

* GMO Free

* Shelf Stable

* Lower in Sodium 

* Mylar Bags

* Oxygen Absorbers 

* Made in USA







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