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Introducing our ABC Soup Starter! A convenient and nutritious soup starter that includes a delicious combination of green and yellow split peas, rice, pasta, pearled barley, celery, carrots, tomatoes, and onions. This blend is carefully crafted to provide a hearty and wholesome base for your favorite soup recipes.

The green and yellow split peas provide a rich source of protein, while the rice and pasta add a satisfying texture and flavor. The pearled barley offers a nutty taste and chewy texture, while the celery, carrots, tomatoes, and onions bring a depth of flavor and aroma.

With ABC Soup Starter from Aftershock Preparedness, you can easily create a variety of delicious and nutritious soups in no time. Simply add your favorite seasonings, meats, and vegetables to create a soup that is unique to your taste.

Whether you prefer a classic vegetable soup, a hearty chicken noodle soup, or a creamy tomato soup, ABC Soup Starter is the perfect base to start with. Add this convenient and delicious soup starter to your pantry today and enjoy the comforting taste of homemade soup anytime.

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