Cajun Pastalaya

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Enjoy our Cajun Pastalya Soup for dinner or store for long term storage. This delicious Cajun soup is made with our own blend of spices, pasta, beef, tomato powder and veggies. Variety is a must in a disaster, along with comfort and easy to cook meals. 

Package makes 10 cups prepared. 

25 Year Shelf Life

Available individually or save in a case of 6

Serving Size: 2 cups once prepared

Feeds a family of 5

* Total Calories Per Serving :  440 per half cup dry.  (2.5 cups dry mix per bag)

* Soy Free

* MSG Free 

* GMO Free

* Shelf Stable

* No Additives 

* Lower in Sodium 

* Trans fat Free

* Mylar Bags

* Oxygen Absorber

* Made in the USA