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Discover the natural goodness of JW Apothecary Calendula Ointment, carefully crafted with calendula organic coconut oil, rich cocoa butter, and pure beeswax. This oinment offers a nuturing touch for your skin.

Key Ingredients

Calendulated Origranic Coconut Oil: Infused with calendula, this organic coconut oil gently nourishes, promoting skin suppleness.

Cocoa Butter: Ricj and creamy cocoa butter deeply moisturizes, leaving your skin feelin soft and rejuvenated.

Beeswax: Pure beeswax forms a protective barrier, helping to lock in moisture and shield your skin from the elements.


Soothing Comfort: Calendula's natural properties provide gentle care for sensitive skin, offering comfort for minor irritstions.

Intense Hydration: The combination of calendula and cocoa oil nourishes, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and revitalized.

Gentale Care: Free from harsh chemicals, our oitment provides natuaral, gentle care for everyday use.

Versatile Solution: Perfect for dry patches or minor irritations, this ointment is a versitle addition to your slincare routine.

FDA Disclaimer
These statements have not beem evaluated by the Food and Drug Admistration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Embrace the natural touch with JW Apothrcary;s Calendula Ointment. Experience the power of natural botanicals, crafted with care for your skin's well-being, in compliance with both Etsy and FDA guidlines.

JW Apothecary LLC offers you quality skincare, inspired by nature.

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