Freeze Dried Ground Beef

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Unleash the Adaptability of Freeze-Dried Ground Beef: Your Resilient Survival Companion for Shelf-Stable Bushcraft, Food Scarcity, and Emergency Preparedness.

When it comes to survival, freeze-dried ground beef is an unmatched ally. This versatile protein powerhouse becomes a steadfast companion, providing sustenance and stability amidst unpredictable circumstances.

Meticulously crafted, freeze-dried ground beef offers unparalleled shelf-stability, ensuring it remains a reliable asset in your bushcraft essentials and emergency preparedness arsenal. Compact and lightweight, it demands minimal storage space yet delivers maximum nutrition and mouthwatering flavor.

During periods of food scarcity, freeze-dried ground beef becomes a lifeline. Bursting with vital nutrients, it becomes the cornerstone of hearty meals that fuel your body and uplifts your spirits, even amid limited resources.

Embrace the limitless potential of freeze-dried ground beef—a resilient and shelf-stable solution for survival scenarios. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions and provide sustenance during food scarcity empowers you to thrive confidently in the wild and navigate emergency preparedness challenges with unwavering resolve.

  • Up to a 25-year shelf life (exact expiration date found on product packaging)
  • 164 calories per pouch
  • 22g of protein per pouch
  • 3 servings per pouch

Ingredients: Freeze-dried beef and salt

Directions: Remove the oxygen absorber. Add 2 ½ cups boiling water to the pouch and mix well. Zip the pouch and allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Caution! The package gets hot once boiling water is added.

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