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Indulge in the Savory Delights of Freeze-Dried Goulash Soup: A Resilient and Flavorful Solution for Survival, Shelf-Stable Bushcraft, Food Scarcity, and Emergency Preparedness. When the path to survival gets rugged, let the essence of freeze-dried goulash soup guide you. This robust and satisfying soup becomes your companion, offering nourishment and sustenance in uncertainty.

Meticulously crafted and freeze-dried, this soup embodies resilience and convenience, making it an essential addition to bushcraft expeditions and emergency preparedness. Its compact and lightweight nature ensures effortless storage and portability without compromising taste or nutritional value.

During times of food scarcity, freeze-dried goulash soup becomes a welcome respite. Bursting with a harmonious blend of rich flavors, tender meats, and hearty vegetables, it becomes a comforting and reliable source of sustenance when resources are limited. Embrace the authentic allure of freeze-dried goulash soup—a resilient and shelf-stable solution for survival scenarios. Its ability to endure challenging conditions and nourish your body during food shortages empowers you to overcome obstacles with fortitude and preparedness. Let every spoonful transport you to culinary satisfaction and unwavering strength. 

  • Up to a 25-year shelf life (exact expiration date found on product packaging)
  • 410 calories per pouch
  • 25g of protein per pouch
  • 1 servings per pouch


Ingredients: Freeze-dried beef, non-GMO corn and rice flour (pasta), dehydrated beef powder, dehydrated potatoes, tomato powder, carrots, tomatoes, celery, onions, green beans, peas, red and green bell peppers, paprika, garlic, and spices

Directions: Remove the oxygen absorber. Add 2 ½ cups boiling water to the pouch and mix well. Zip the pouch and allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Caution! The package gets hot once boiling water is added.

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