Ham N Cheddar Grits

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Savor the Rustic Charms of Freeze-Dried Ham n' Cheddar Grits: A Resilient and Flavorful Fix for Survival, Shelf-Stable Cowboy Adventures, Food Scarcity, and Emergency Preparedness.

When the wild frontier calls, let the allure of freeze-dried ham n' cheddar grits guide you. This hearty and comforting dish becomes your faithful partner, offering nourishment and a taste of the Old West in times of uncertainty. Meticulously crafted and freeze-dried, these grits embody the rugged spirit and convenience required for your cowboy adventures and emergency preparedness. Compact and lightweight, they effortlessly accompany you on the trail, preserving bold flavors and nutritional value.

In the face of food scarcity, freeze-dried ham n' cheddar grits become a welcome respite. Packed with the smoky goodness of ham and the creamy richness of cheddar, they provide a satisfying and reliable source of sustenance when resources are scarce. Embrace the authentic Western charm of freeze-dried ham n' cheddar grits—a resilient and shelf-stable solution for survival scenarios. Their ability to withstand rugged conditions and nourish your body during food shortages empowers you to conquer any challenge with the spirit of a true cowboy. Let each hearty bite transport you to the untamed landscapes and unwavering resilience of the Old West. 

  • Up to a 25-year shelf life (exact expiration date found on product packaging)
  • 300 calories per pouch
  • 6g of protein per pouch
  • 1 servings per pouch


Ingredients: Instant grits, freeze-dried ham, cheddar cheese powder, butter powder, salt, and pepper

Directions: Remove the oxygen absorber. Add 2 ½ cups boiling water to the pouch and mix well. Zip the pouch and allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Caution! The package gets hot once boiling water is added.

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