Loaded Mashed Potatoes - Single Serve

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Indulge in the Wholesome Comfort of Freeze-Dried Loaded Mashed Potatoes: A Backpacker's Delight for Adventure, Nourishment, and Emergency Preparedness.

When the trail beckons and hunger strikes, let the satisfaction of freeze-dried, loaded mashed potatoes fuel your backpacking journey. This hearty and flavorful meal becomes your trusted companion, providing nourishment and a taste of home no matter where you roam.

Thoughtfully crafted and freeze-dried, these mashed potatoes embody the essence of convenience and portability, perfect for your backpacking escapades and emergency preparedness. Compact and lightweight, they effortlessly fit into your pack, preserving their delicious flavors and nutritional value.

In times of limited resources, freeze-dried loaded mashed potatoes offer a comforting respite. Bursting with savory goodness, they bring together the creaminess of mashed potatoes, the savory notes of bacon, and the delightful richness of cheese, ensuring a satisfying and reliable source of sustenance.

Embrace the backpacker's delight of freeze-dried loaded mashed potatoes—a resilient, shelf-stable solution for your adventurous spirit. Their ability to withstand the rugged outdoors and provide nourishment during emergencies empowers you to conquer any trail with a full stomach and a satisfied soul. Let each mouthful remind you of the simple pleasures and vital nourishment awaiting your backpacking journey. 

  • Up to a 25-year shelf life (exact expiration date found on product packaging)
  • 360 calories per pouch
  • 15g of protein per pouch
  • 2 servings per pouch


Ingredients: Diced Potatoes, whole milk, ham, potato flakes, natural bacon flavor, corn starch, celery, carrots, onions, wheat flour, cheddar cheese powder, buttermilk solids, natural chicken powder, and spices

Directions: Remove the oxygen absorber. Add 2 ½ cups boiling water to the pouch and mix well. Zip the pouch and allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Caution! The package gets hot once boiling water is added.

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