Military Style Gun Cleaning Kit

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Military Style Gun Cleaning Kit

This is a 10-piece cleaning kit and includes two sizes of brass brushes; .22 and .30 caliber, a plastic oil bottle, 2 pcs patch holder, 4 pcs cleaning rods, and a double-end nylon cleaning brush.

The kits also work well for both rifles and handguns. When cleaning handguns select with the .22 or .30 caliber brush and attach it to the sections of the rod with the handle. For rifles attach multiple sections of the rod to match the length of the firearm and attach the brass brush.

Included is a .22 (5.56mm) caliber brush for AR15, M4, M16, and any other .22 caliber barrel.

Included is a .30 (7.62mm) caliber brush that works well for AK/AKM, AK47, and any other .30 caliber rifles including 7.62 .308, .303, 30-30, 300, etc.

You will also receive a nice canvas pouch to keep everything in. This is a very handy kit. Size of canvas pouch: 25cm x 10cm

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