Southwest Bean Bake

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On a cold winter day enjoy this hearty bean bake, seasoned with brown sugar BBQ seasoning. Great to cook for everyday meal in the crock pot or store for an emergency. Knowing you family can eat well is a peace of mind in any disaster or emergency.

Package makes 8 cups,  No Soy. 

Available individually or save in a case of 6

Remove oxygen absorber. 

Shelf Stable

* Serving Size : 2 cups prepared

* Total Calories Per Half Cup Dry Mix 

* Soy Free

* MSG Free

*GMO Free

* No Additives, Preservatives or Food Coloring 

* No Transfats

* Lower in Sodium 

* Mylar Bags

* Oxygen Absorber

 ** Recipe Suggestion **

Place mixing crock pot along with 8 cups water, 1 pound cooked ground beef, and 2 cups BBQ sauce. Mix together and cook 9 hours on high.

Last hour before serving cover mixture with corn bread mix and let mix bake on top of bean mix..