Southwest Goulash

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Mild blend of spices make this Southwest Goulash a hit every time. Enjoy this hearty and amazing flavored goulash in an emergency or for dinner. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike and wonder how your going to feed your family. Know your pantry or bug out bag is filled with quality food for your family.

Each bags makes 8 cups once prepared with water. Cooks in 15 minutes. 

Remove oxygen absorber.

Available individually or save in a case of 6

25 year shelf Life

Shelf Stable

Feeds a family of 4

* Total Calories Per Serving :

* Gluten Free

* Soy Free

* MSG Free

* GMO Free

* No Additives, Preservatives or Food Coloring 

* No Trans fats

* Lower in Sodium 

* Mylar Bags

* Oxygen Absorber

* Made in the USA