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Whole Powdered Eggs are great for use in bakeries and are an economical way to incorporate eggs into your recipe without the threat of spoilage. Egg Solids have a 10 year shelf life when kept in a sealed package and stored in a cool area. Whole Powdered Eggs absorb moisture easily, making them a no hassle ingredient in any baked good recipe.

Amazing quality foods from Aftershock Preparedness lead the industry in long term food storage. Disaster Preparedness includes building your emergency food supply and ensuring your survival.

Breakfast never tasted so good.  Ready in 15 minutes these easy to cook, delicious eggs. Keep this in your emergency gear, take it hiking or camping.

Package contains 3 cups dry mix.

Package contains :

  • Powdered Eggs

(Whole powdered eggs(sprayed and produced in USA approved factory).  Protein 5g.  Carbs 0g.   Sodium 60mg.   Based on 1/4 cup dry mix.

*Our products are soy free, MSG free, and GMO free, packed in zippered Mylar pouches for ease of use. These kits are shelf stable through the use of Mylar bags with the addition of oxygen absorbers to ensure freshness.

**Contains Dairy

  • For large quantities: 3 parts water + 1 part hole egg solids = 4 parts of liquid whole egg.
  • For a small quantity: 2 tbsp. powder + 2 tbsp. and 2 tsp. water = 1 egg.

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